2001 Honda Odyssey • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic •

I have honda odyssey 2001. However, The engin light on, so I went to the auto repair shop and they told me I need the catalytic converter, but when I took my car to emisson test, I passed it, so I believe, I don't need the catalytic converter for my car, but I am not tech, so please give me any information I may check with it.
January 11, 2011.

I assume you have p0420. If your catalytic converter and oxygen sensors are original, they all should be replaced to have an efficient emissions system.

Jan 14, 2011.
F4I_guy is correct. However, keep in mind that even though the code indicates a bad converter, often times this code is caused by a bad O2 sensor. If you have a scanner, watch the output from the downstream O2 sensor. It should vary between.35V and.55V. If it goes beyond that in either direction, the O2 sensor is the issue.

Thank you so much all.
If I repair then what is repair cost? May I ask?

Thank you again.

An O2 sensor is around 75 dollars plus labor (if that is the problem) An aftermarket converter shouldn't be much more than 150.00 + labor. Because there are a few O2 sensors, and the cost of the converter, that is why I recommend checking the sensors so you can save the money on a converter if it isn't bad.

Understood and I will make sure of it.
Thank you so much all the help to all.

Glad to help.