2001 Honda CRV • 4 cylinder AWD Manual •

I adjusted my valves at 134k, and cleaned iacv. Car ran great up until the last two days. When engine is warmed up, my idle will drop and almost stall if I throw it in neutral or if I come to a stop. I hear a high pitch noise. When I pull into a parking spot and put my emergency brake on, and sit there and put my foot on the brake pedal I get a surge in idle, lasts for 2 or 3 seconds. Does anyone have any idea where to begin? There is no CEL at this time.
January 24, 2012.

Check the fuel pressure if its within specs-also test the throttle position sensor and manifold absolute pressure sensor-also the coolant temperature sensor-Try scanning the computer maybe something might just pop-up for a start

Jan 24, 2012.