2001 Honda Civic • 270,000 miles

Hi I have changed radiator, thermostat switch, external water tank but still my car is overheating after a long drive around 150 kms. When overheats water coming out (bubbling) from external tank & some times fans working & some times not working. Recently 3 months back I found water leak from near brake pedal when I used the Heater. Then I closed water connection completely to heater & I am not using heater. Since then there is no problem for 3 months. But again same problem started & no water leaking. Kindly help me to fix this please.
March 18, 2012.

I would concentrate on the fan not working have you checked your coolant temp sensor yet?Have you checked for codes in the computer?

Mar 18, 2012.
Did you check the coolant level?

Mar 18, 2012.