2001 Honda Civic • 205,000 miles

The car still runs and I can drive it around the block. But, yesterday on the highway, it would not run past 20 mph. I had to get it towed. I noticed the rpm still went up when I pressed on the gas, but the speedometer would not get any faster. It can still reverse and turn on. I think it's the transmission but I'm not sure.
July 10, 2013.

If the engine was revving but the car wouldn't accelerate, it sounds like the transmission is slipping. If it is the original transmission with that many miles, the clutches are most likely worn. Check the fluid to see if it is a brown or black color. It should be light red.

Why would the color matter? Also, it is an automatic, we used a scan tool and it said the problem was the torque convertor clutch system. If I decide to sell this car "as is" what do you think is a good price for it. My friend said if it is the Torque convertor, it means my transmission is going bad as well?

Jul 12, 2013.
The color of the transmission is usually a good indicator as to the condition of the internal parts. As far as the torque converter, yes it is a big job. As far as value, I would have to be there to see its condition.