2001 Honda Accord • Manual •

My Honda accord ABS light is on, so it will pass the MOT. I ask a local garage to fix it, but they said that they do not have the computer to program the new sensor, does the new sensor need programed?
May 6, 2011.

No, sensors do not need programming but he may need to scanner to test it and get it diagnosed properly.

May 6, 2011.
It requires a Honda PGM tester-Scan the computer for ABS code/s-start here

DTC Description

11 Right-Front Wheel Sensor (Open/Short To Body Ground/Short To Power)
12 Right-Front Wheel Sensor (Electrical Noise)
13 Left-Front Wheel Sensor (Open/Short To Body Ground/Short To Power)
14 Left-Front Wheel Sensor (Electrical Noise)
15 Right-Rear Wheel Sensor (Open/Short To Body Ground/Short To Power)
16 Right-Rear Wheel Sensor (Electrical Noise)
17 Left-Rear Wheel Sensor (Open/Short To Body Ground/Short To Power)
18 Left-Rear Wheel Sensor (Electrical Noise)
21 Right-Front Pulser
22 Left-Front Pulser
23 Right-Rear Pulser
24 Left-Rear Pulser
31 Right-Front, Inlet Solenoid
32 Right-Front Outlet Solenoid
33 Left-Front, Inlet Solenoid
34 Left-Front, Outlet Solenoid
35 Right-Rear, Inlet Solenoid
36 Right-Rear, Outlet Solenoid
37 Left-Rear, Inlet Solenoid
38 Left-Rear, Outlet Solenoid
41 Right-Front Wheel Lock
42 Left-Front Wheel Lock
43 Right-Rear Wheel Lock
44 Left-Rear Wheel Lock
51 Motor Lock
52 Motor Stuck Off
53 Motor Stuck On
54 ABS Fail-Safe Relay
61 Low Ignition Voltage
62 High Ignition Voltage
71 Different Diameter Tire
81 CPU (Central Processing Unit) Diagnosis

May 6, 2011.
You might be able to manually retrieve the trouble codes if you can bridge the DLC terminal #4 and #9. Turn ignition ON and the ABS indicator should blink the trouble code.

May 6, 2011.