2001 Ford Taurus

My fuse box doesn't have a cover on it and I washed my car the other day and ever since my transmission fuse keeps blowing and every time I replace it keeps blowing and I blew it out with the air hose to try to air it out. When I take off it has no power when I get up to 30mph it will go untill I have to stop again
September 13, 2013.

Is there any service engine soon or check engine lights on? Are there any other fuses that are blown? The water conducts electricity so you may have caused a short in the fuse box. This fuse box missing the lid is the fuse box under the hood right? Talk to you soon, TY

Ty Anderson
Sep 14, 2013.
Yes there is a light with a ! Point with a circle around it. No other fuses pop and yes the fusebox is under the hood.

Sep 15, 2013.
Check all the fuses to make sure none are open or blown. The ! With a circle around it is a warning for the brake system. It means the emergency brake switch is on, brake fluid is low, or a failure in to the brake hydraulic system. Let me know what you find.

Ty Anderson
Sep 16, 2013.