2001 Ford Taurus • 3.0L 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 155,000 miles

The engine has a HARD miss on a cold start-up. Also if you get in it and start it up cold, and drive it there is the hard miss and also lack of power when you give it gas. The check engine light also flashes. Once it warms up, after about 5-7 min, the hard miss goes away and you do not have the lack of power anymore. BUT there is still a miss. Just not near as bad as it is on cold start-up.(At idle and while driving) And the check engine light dose not flash anymore at this point, it just stays on. We have replaced 3 sensors and a solenoid. Some were saying it is clogged injectors, coil pack? I just need an opinion where to go next. Also the plugs and wires are only 1.5 years old. They should't be bad. Tired of putting money into things thats just a guessing game. PLEASE HELP! THANKS!
June 20, 2014.

ALSO it is reading a PO301 which is a cyl 1 miss fire. And a few other sensor codes, but they have been replaced already. Miss fire code is still there.

Jun 20, 2014.
Scan for codes and check fuelpressure first auto parts rent gauge

Jun 21, 2014.