2001 Ford Ranger • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 107 miles

My 3.0, 2wd, 2001 ranger loses speedo and trans shift control at 47 mph--works fine under 47 mph. Just replaced vss after error code indicated. Code cleared and now no codes. Ticking sound from dash or firewall (can't tell) when braking. Pedal surges sometimes when braking.
August 20, 2011.

The brake issue sounds like you may have a warped rotor or drum. As far as the VSS, that sounds like the problem. Check the wiring to the VSS to make sure it is clean, not damaged, and there is no corrosion. You may have to check the wiring for continunity to make sure there isn't too much resistance in them.

The ticking noise continues after coming to a complete stop and ceases when I take my foot off the brake--it sounds like an electronic tick. I overhauled rear brakes this weekend (they needed it), but the tick is still there and speedo drops out at 49-50 mph. I will ck continuity/resistance. I have ckd and cleaned connections on VSS. Thanks for help. I tend to agree that there is a loss of signal that is related to resistance, just not sure where wiring goes under dash.

Sep 7, 2011.