2001 Ford Focus • 6 cylinder Automatic • 111 miles

My 2001 Ford Focus ZTS has been overheating. Have replaced the radiator, coolant container, thermostat, cylinder head relay sensor, all hoses, water pump, fresh antifreeze and freon. A.C. Runs well. Fans come on. Oil changed religously every 3k. The car has 111k miles. Get a fault code (i think it's numbered P.1479) low/high fan control circuit fault. Car overheats with, or without, the heat or A.C. Running. Check engine light never comes on and temperature gauge is always set in the middle, no matter what. Blowing antifreeze.
PLEASE HELP, single Mom at her wits end!
February 26, 2011.

Do a compression check to see if there is a blown head gasket

May 24, 2011.