CODE P0460

2001 Ford Focus • 156,000 miles

I have retrieved a P0460 code in my ford focus! I have read many forums about it but nothing seems to give me a clear answer.I have added a fuel system cleaner so far, and the code is still there. What can I do to go about this code? I have the ford repair manual, and I tried to follow the "how to test" but there are some things I am not very clear
October 17, 2013.

Evap codes are the hardest to diag. You need a smoke machine, volt meter and a scan tool to work through the flow chart to find the failure.


Oct 17, 2013.
I took my car a couple of months ago for the same problem, and the technician told me everything was fine. That I was getting that code due to some bad wiring. Thats kinda a bogus answer! I do have a voltmeter and a scan tool. Could you guide me on how to go about this?

Oct 18, 2013.