2001 Ford F-450

I have a 2001 ford e-450 Diesel -V8 got cold air in front and hot air in the back just fixed it and cant get the air cold in the back agine there are 3 fans on the out side and thay are not working do thay have to work for the back air?
March 24, 2012.

I'm sending a drawing one isof the heater unit and the other is the wiring schematic. Check the things i've shown a red arrow to. Or shcematics don't show 3 blower motors on teh outside. But if they are by a condensor whih looks like a small radiator then they shold work but you wouldn't get an y cooling in front. Check yoru heater door or air dor for not working right and check yoru vacuum hoses for not being pinched or not connected.

Mar 25, 2012.