2001 Fiat Other

I have an 11 year old Fiat brava which has developed a problem when starting some times it starts no bother but other times it wont start but will bump start. Its not the battery as its just been replaced about a month ago. When I go to start it it takes a couple of turns for it to start but when its running its fine but after I have switched it off and its not run for an hour or so it wont start again it turns over but wont start unless I bump start it. It seems like its not getting a spark or that the fuel is running back or not coming up can it be any of those or do you have any suggetions on what it could be?
David mackinnon
July 12, 2012.

The fact you can bump start means it is getting fuel and spark. I would have the starter system checked to verify the battery to the starter is good.


Jul 12, 2012.