2001 Dodge Caravan • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 600,000 miles

I have a 2001 Dodge Caravan and it seems to wind out before shifting into a higher "gear".I have to go 27mph to shift and then 53mph before it shifts again. What particularly can it be?
January 4, 2011.

This can be caused by low pressure in the transmission, bad shift solenoids, a bad trans control module. Have any warning lights come on?

Thare were no warning lights on. Off hand how much would each of those possible problems cost.


Jan 8, 2011.
That is difficult to say. The shift solenoids would be a couple hundreded (with labor) the TCM about the same. AS far as the pressure issue, one would need to see what is causing the issue.

I took the vehicle to a shop and this are the charges. What do you think?
1 new assembly, 1 filter, 1 new band, trans fluid, 1 rebuilt torque convertor, pump assembly(front), drum(forward), planetary, gear-sun w/shell, shell-sun gear, governor body-w/o valves, labor to rebuild $831.60 $524.70 to remove and reinstall.

Jan 20, 2011.
That is a good price. However, read their warranty and make sure everything is covered. For example, if they get a bad "rebuilt torque converter, " will they charge you labor again to R&R the trans?