2001 Daewoo Leganza • 100,700 miles

My car is having a problem of misfire.

I changed the spark plug & spark wires and also new petrol filter & air filter also, some body told me to change the COIL also, and I changed the coil also.

now as on date my problem is same, nothing is changed.
Same missing problem (some time I feel small sound of blast also)

when I am starting my car in morning, its running ok, but after some time there is no pickup & start missing, if I m driving my car in very low speed then is running very easily (no misfire no sound) but when I am press the gas paddle (for increasing the speed of for good pickup) it’s start misfire.

Please advice.

Also please provide the photo of spark plug arrangement (which show me the wire arrangement with coil).

Thanks in advance.
August 27, 2011.

Sorry, I forgot to add my name. It’s me Mani.

Aug 27, 2011.