2001 Chrysler Town and Country • 200,000 miles

The van is overheating according to the gauge, it is almost all the way up. However there is no boiling from the overflow or steam. Have changed out temperature sending unit and thermostat. When diagnosing computer hooked up it says temp is around 240 running, does not go over and the fans are kicking on when they should. HELP!
November 2, 2013.

That's running somewhat hot. Have you tried flushing the cooling system?

Have not tried that yet, but when I am driving the temp is going up yet when I pull into the driveway and rev the engine the temp drops right away. If it is idling in the driveway it seems it should run hotter than when driving down the road.

Nov 2, 2013.
What you are saying makes sense. Check something for me. Allow the engine to warm up to where it starts getting hot and check the radiator hoses. See if one is collapsed (the lower one in particular). Also, is the radiator cap good?

After thought. Remember, when you sit in the driveway, there is no longer a load on the engine which may help things.