2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser • 4 cylinder FWD • 133,000 miles

Hi. Have replaced the crankshaft sensor and the engine is now running well but the engine check light is on and I get the following codes. P0645, p0117, p0118, p1490, p1489.
July 28, 2011.

P0645 - A/C clutch relay circuit. Ensure wires are correctly connected.

P0117 - ECT sensor voltage too high.

P0118 - ECT sensor voltage too low.

Ensure the sensor wire is plugged in. Check for broken wires

P1490 - Low speed fan control relay circuit.

P1489 - High speed fan control relay circuit.

Above are all related to electrical problems and it is possible a connector had not been correctly/fully plugged in or interchanged if they are nearby.

Jul 28, 2011.
Thanks, will check out how do you clear the error codes?

Jul 28, 2011.
You're welcome.


Using Scan Tool

Connect scan tool to Data Link Connector (DLC), located under left side of instrument panel. Turn ignition on. Using screen prompts on scan tool, clear codes from Powertrain Control Module (PCM).


After 3 good trips, PCM will turn off the MIL. At that time, the PCM will automatically switch the trip counter to a warm-up cycle counter. The PCM will erase DTCs after 40 warm-up cycles if the recent malfunction does not reoccur in that time.

NOTE: Clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) with a scan tool will also erase all OBD-II monitor data. This includes all counter information for warm-up cycles, trips and freeze frame data.

Jul 28, 2011.