2001 Chevrolet Blazer • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 205,905 miles

01 s-10 blazer 2wd auto 206k 4.3 vin w

tow in. No start fuel coming out of tail pipe.

cfi injector bad replaced. Assy w/ bracket and reg

starts rough smokes bad, no oil pressure

cfi assy was melted along with upper, and map

will not run if fill cap or pcv installed, blow by is unimagineable

does not miss

cylinders washed down? Does not miss
April 14, 2011.

Maybe a bad oil pump, no oil pressure, isn't good.

Jun 17, 2011.
Was oil chenged after leaking injector replaced?

Jun 17, 2011.
The smoke probably came from the leaky poppet valves/FPR/nut kit and oil wasn' changed-No oil pressure -check the connection on the oil pressure switch beside the distibutor if there's no tapping or knocking noises present. Cylinder washed down? Do a compression test both wet and dry and also a cylinder leakage test-And check the PCV system

Jun 17, 2011.