2001 BMW 330 • 2WD Manual • 157 miles

2001 330I with 157000 miles. Rough idle but runs smooth under power, check engine light shows P0174 (System too lean bank 2). Recent work, new spark plugs and new Mass Air Flow Sensor ( which corrected these codes P0300, P01345, P0171, P1349, P1347, & P0128. Any suggestions?
Ronald Van Liew
December 29, 2010.

The thing I would recommend is to seek out someone with the proprietary BMW scan tool called a GT-1 so that live data can be viewed. Otherwise I would need to just list things that it could be, and that could be very expensive. Also, has the pre-cat oxygen sensor been inspected/changed?

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 29, 2010.
The pre-cat oxygen sensors, plural. There are 2 of them pre-cat.

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 10, 2011.