2001 Acura RL • 6 cylinder • 57,000 miles

My car will not start. Gas is full, battery turns the starter. Immediately before it would not start there was a click but not quite a clunking sound as I turned the key. Then when I turned the key the next time, the starter seemed to be turning with a little less resisitance. My car is a 2001 acura 3.5 RL with 58,000 miles.
November 14, 2010.

It's possible the teeth on the starter are damaged, or the starter's solenoid isn't engaging the teeth to the flywheel.

This is easily checked by watching the engine while someone turns the key. If the belts turn, the starter is O.K.

If the starter isn't the problem, begin by having the computer scanned for any codes.

If there are no codes, then you'll have to narrow it down the old fashioned way.

No starts are diagnosed as follows.

Ignition: (Spark at plug, wires, coils, related sensors)

Fuel: (Pressure from pump, injectors firing, related sensors)

Compression: (valve timing, broken timing chain/belt, etc.)

Ernest Clark
Nov 14, 2010.