2000 Volkswagen Beetle • 177,000 miles

Why does the passenger side window make a squeaking sound when closing it?
I bought my car earlier this march and the passenger window was working fine. Than a few months later whenever I tried closing the window, it would make a squeaking sound as if it was having a tough time pulling it up. I never thought much of it until now. Just yesterday I left it open a crack while I let the car warm up. Im terrified of leaving the windows closed while my car is running, for fear of it locking on me (past experience) So when I was about to leave, I tried closing it. Again, the squeaking noise. Except this time it stopped halfway and wouldnt budge. I kept pushing the button and it would go up an inch but than it would go down again and stop halfway. I pushed the button a few more times and every time, the window would go up. But than stop. So it took a while but I eventually got it to close. I havent opened the window since just in case it wont close again. But I don't know whats causing the problem. The window regulator? The power window? Im not sure.
December 22, 2012.

Hi, yes, your window regulator (cable) is being chewed-up or is out of alignment.

The motor is usually OK... the window goes down because of the resistance of going up (programmed safety).

You will need to remove the door panel to gain access to the window regulator panel.

Here is a video of me doing the same on the driver side of a New Beetle:


Dec 22, 2012.
Any update?


Dec 23, 2012.