2000 Vauxhall Tigra • FWD Manual • 68,000 miles

Hi please help I have replaced my alternator but the fan belt does not fit any more its to big I have put it on all the pullys and around the alternator but there is far to much slack it should fit if it came of the car I there is 3 pully including altinator in a v shape with a pully at each point and between the bottom and top right pully there is a tightner as well if the old one fit I cant understand why its not going back on can you help I have a tigra w reg ecotec 1.6 ps the alternator fits and it came of another tigra
January 3, 2011.

Look for a sticker under the hood with a diagram showing you the correct belt routing.

Jan 3, 2011.
European spec cars do not have a diagram under the hood (bonnet) your local library or autoparts store will supply a repair manual with a belt routing diagram and repair infromation

Dave H
Jan 9, 2011.
European cars don't have a diagram sticker?
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Why would they do that.

Jan 10, 2011.