2000 Toyota Celica • 115,700 miles

My toyota recently stopped turning on. Since it previously would have trouble starting and I had to push the accelerator till in turned on, I assumed it was a fuel pump problem. So I put the key in the ignition and turned it to the on position to see if I could hear the pump working but it was not. So I went and bought the fuel pump and replaced it. After everything was hooked up again I could still not hear the pump working. So I checked the fuses in the front of the car under the hood and everything was good. A friend told me to try and hook up directly the fuel pump by getting wires that stretched from the battery into the fuel pump. Once I did I could hear the fuel pump working and the car would still not turn on. I can hear the car trying but it just wont start. The battery is good and the fuel pump is brand new. Please help me.
January 5, 2013.

Check above link for more information. You need to crank the engine to get the fuel pump running.

Jan 5, 2013.