2000 Toyota Camry • 162 miles

I replaced my headlight relay and my headlights worked for two days, beginning last Sunday, 12/16. Now, only my running lights work. I can use them only by moving the signal/headlight lever forward as if I'm asking for high beams. P.S. I never use my headlight switch because the photosensor seems to do its job. It wouldn't matter if I did use the headlight switch on the end of the signal/headlight lever, because as of this time I can't get headlights, period, no matter what I do. I don't know anything about cars, but is there possibly a short at the relay site that is burning out the relays? Again, the brand new relay worked, but only for about 2-3 days--now nothing, no headlights at anytime. Thank you very much, Craig, Mtn. View, Ca.
December 20, 2012.

Photoelectric sensor? You have autolamp? Could be the sensor is telling the system it's daytime! Have it scanned at the shoop, they CAN run headlamp test.

Dec 20, 2012.