2000 Renault Clio • 120,000 miles

My Clio has been making thud noises near the front for a couple of weeks and now when I accelerate or brake fairly hard and now the car seems to pull to left quite dramatically when accelerating or braking.

Also the car shakes a little when idle, but a previous mechanic said this was ok.

Any ideas?


January 3, 2013.

You could have a really loose suspension component which is a safety issue. I would take it to get it aligned and any loose parts will come out in the alignment. So, if you have never alginged the front end it is well worth it as you will get an alignment plus a diagnosis of the front end suspension. Don't hesitate to do this as you could have a loose ball joint. If it failes the grake rotor will end up on the ground and it will cause a good bit of damage.
The vibration may be the motor mounts and transmission mounts. They all must be replaced at the same time or the new mount will fail quickly.