2000 Pontiac Montana • 4 cylinder FWD •

I have a 2000 Pontiac Montana Ext. Van.3.4 - V-6 engine. This is the 3rd engine being put into this car. First time it had 89,000 miles; second time it had abt 82,000. With no real warning the second time. Can I put in a different engine such as a 3.5?
December 11, 2010.

Not sure on a 3.5L it's not much different thatn a 3.4L. If you are going through engine s like that i'd have to say yo are not giving it good maintainence and the other ones probably had antifreeze in the oil from intake gaskets and wasn't repaired. If you had oil in your coolant or saw your coolant going down all the time that is more than likely why you are going through engines. If this is a later model like a 2003 then the gasket problem was fixed, but if not i'd replace the intakes just to be sure.

Dec 11, 2010.
Thanks for the reply. Maintenance has been kept up on it with regular oil changes, checks, etc. Coolant had just been checked a week ago with no indications of any problems. My first engine could have been saved, I believe, because I did have warning signs there. This one has me stumped, though. Maybe it's time to get into a different engine with a better reputation! Thanks again.

Dec 11, 2010.