2000 Pontiac Grand Am • 120,000 miles

I was driving to school today and all of the sudden I looked in my rear view mirror and saw some smoke. I kinda brushed it off thinking it was the cold weather. Then I was going up a small hill and only going about 40 and the car just didnt feel right anymore, so then when I pressed the gas to go up the hill my rpms went really high and it was light the car just wasnt going to go up the hill. So, I pulled over and under the hood it was smoking just a little not much at all. I smelled a strong smell and right under my car in the front was a HUGE puddle of brown stuff that almost had a reddish tint. Any idea what this fluid is and if my car is messed up bad? P.S. I have already been having many problems with it lately
March 14, 2013.

It cold be a broken p/s line or a trans problem check yoru trans fluid if ibrown it may be bad.

Mar 14, 2013.