2000 Pontiac Grand Am • 195,000 miles

I had been driving the car for about 40 mins. I was driving with cruise control set at 65 mph. The car had been a little shaky, but really began shaking. I took cruise off, the "trac off" light came on, and the "service engine soon" light began flashing. I drove for about 5-6 more miles, but the car began slowing so I pulled over and the car shut off when I put it in park. I couldn't start it at first. After several mins, it started back up stayed on for a bit, but was shaking really badly. I turned it off. Started it again a few mins later and almost immediately it turned off. I had a bad oxygen sensor reading(need a new one). Had a thin bit of smoke coming from the engine when I opened the hood, but no more smoke appeared when I restarted the car either time.
October 13, 2013.

Take it to the parts store to have the codes red.

Oct 13, 2013.