2000 Plymouth Voyager

My van will start, but after you get to where you are goin and turn it off it will not start back up for a few hours. I took it to auto zone and let them do the diagnostic that they run. The only reading that came back was the egr vaulve. I had the egr vaulve replaced, the fuel filter, and the spark plugs and wires. What would be wrong with my van.
November 27, 2012.

That's typical of a failing crankshaft position sensor or a camshaft position sensor. They often become heat-sensitive and fail after the heat from a hot engine migrates up to them when it is not running. When there is no fault code stored in memory, the easiest way to see which one isn't sending a signal is to connect a scanner, (not a simple code reader most auto parts stores use), to view the live sensor data. Those two sensors will be listed as "no" or "present". If either signal is missing, the Engine Computer won't turn on the automatic shutdown, (ASD) relay. That relay powers the ignition coil(s), injectors, and fuel pump.

Nov 27, 2012.