2000 Plymouth Breeze • 220,000 miles

When I come to a stop sign or stop light and have my foot on the brake my car sometimes will idle rough for just a second. I have replaced the plugs and wires along with egr valve. Now there are no codes showing active.
December 18, 2012.

Go to this walk thru link for more information:

Dec 19, 2012.
So I finally figured out what the issue was it would miss when you put it in drive not going down the road but when at a stop if you put it in neutral it would stop it from being as bad. But there were no check engine lights on. So I was on lunch and I decited to unhook the power wire to the pruge solenoid and the check engine light came on and then I put the car in drive and put the parking break on and the car didnt miss not one time. So I put my foot on the break and took off the emergency break off and shifted it though the gears and still no miss. So I ordered the part from advanced and installed it. No miss now. I spent so much time on this I wish there was an easy button. So if anyone has this problem and there is no check engine light check that purge solenoid and all your vacuum lines I replaced 2 vacuum lines egr and plugs and fuel filter and the air filter and also cleaned the throttle body. I was about to pull my hair out. Thank you rasmataz for the link it got my mind thinking.

Dec 19, 2012.