2000 Nissan Maxima • 168,784 miles

I have a 2000 nissan maxima, the car start and idle very rough, when I press the gas pedal the car will stall. I had my mechanic check the car he said fuel pressure is good and all the cylinders a firing. And told me I need to replace the ECU.
July 17, 2013.

Clean throttle plate and iac with choke cleaner on both sides first then scan for codes.

Jul 17, 2013.
Reply from Kidmax via email: I did just what you told me, the problem is still there after starting the car this morning it shut off immediately, I start it again and it start with no problem. Temperature was normal. I press the gas and hold the rpm to 4000 for four 30 seconds and without taking my feet of the gas pedal the rpm will drop to 500 and right back to 4000. Once I put the car in drive and press the gas all the power is gone. Question can the MAF cause that problem

2Carpros Max
Jul 25, 2013.
Normally you should be able to freeze frame the computer and check voltages to sensors. TIt may be bad, but I would check voltages first. But check fo holes induct work or any engine grommet that may be out of place or have a hole in it. Of course it could be the ecu. Fuel pressure should be 34psi w/vacuum and 43 w/o if lower then it may be a fuel pump. Also check for a vacuum leak like hoses off, intake gaskets, etc.

Jul 25, 2013.
Hello hmacc300

Thank you very much for the help, after running a lot of electrical test I found out it was the MAF sensor. I replace it now the car drive like new.
Thanks again.

DA guy
Jul 28, 2013.