GT 3.0

2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 6 cylinder FWD Manual • 120,000 miles

My timing belt slipped when my water pump died. Now when I start it there is a chattering noise from the top of the engine. I'm guessing valve stem damage. What else could it be and how difficult are they to replace? Could it be something else? Any help is better then no help. Thanks
July 8, 2011.

Sounds like you are right. The heads will have to come off and the valves replaced. It is a major job. Plan on spending in the area of 1500 or better depending on the damage


Could the engine be badly out of time and the valves just slapping against the pistons or on the wrong cycle and fighting itself?

Jul 9, 2011.
If the valves hit the pistons, the damage is done. Yes, it sounds like it is out of time. Why dont you at least get the opinion of a shop to confirm.