2000 Mercury Sable • 214,000 miles

While the car is running the theft light will briefly come on and the car will miss or hesitate. After a couple days of this the car just shut off and would not even crank. The car was towed home and would still not crank at all. After sitting for two days the car started right up. After a couple minutes the theft light came on again and the car shut off. Started the car again and after a minute or so the theft light came on again briefly and the car hesitated but kept running. During this whole time I never got a check engine light at all. Is the antitheft system going bad? Is there a way to disable it all together?
March 18, 2013.

Have the car scanned for a anti theft problem sound sliek an intermittent which wil be hard to diagnose.

Mar 18, 2013.