2000 Honda Passport • 152,000 miles

2000 HONDA passport (rodeo) 3.2 V6 152000miles My engine cranks but won't start this has been a thing off and on for a little over a year now. It began sporatically (maybe 1 out of 10 times) it wouldn't start the battery would randomly be dead and it simply started with a jump from another car or my emergency jumper. I began with replacing the battery with a new one from sears and that wroked for about 3 months. Then it started again I could drive it 2 days in a row with no issues and then the battery would be completely dead again on the 3rd. Now I'm not able to start it at all. It cranks and cranks and sometimes you can hear it start to fire off but it just isn't enough. The fuel filter and pump are new 3000 miles ago. Would it make a difference if it only has 1.5gal of gas in the tank?
December 11, 2012.

If the battery is dead after 2 or 3 days, you need to have the charging system checked/tested.

Too little fuel in tank can result in nos starting as the fuelpump might not be ale to draw fuel if the vehicle is parked such that the fuel pump is not at the lowest position.

Dec 11, 2012.
The charging system functions properly. The slow drain occurs after the car has sat overnight (possibly the alarm?) But now the car won't even start with a jump it's currenty parked on a slight decline sloping towards the front of the car so I will try a few more gallons of gas. Also I was attempting to change the spark plugs this weekend and my socket was too big ( I have tried proto, husky, craftsman and now pittsburgh) but they are all too big in outside diameter to fit in the well I was told I may need a "shallow wall socket" does anyone know a good brand and where to buy one? My plugs are 7 years old.

Dec 11, 2012.
You would need to check for parasitic drains.

The above link should be helpful.

For plug wrenches, there are many brands in the market and you need to specify it is for the Rodeo or similar applications.

Dec 12, 2012.