2000 Honda Odyssey • 150,000 miles

Should I attempt to replace a 2000 honda odyssey air compressor on my own? I took it to a mechanic and he said it would cost in excess of a $1000. What is the difficulty level for a DIYer, I have some mechanical experience.
December 17, 2012.

It is a tricky job. Just make sure you have a good repair manual with step by step instructions and pics to help identify parts.

If you mean the A/C compressor, that is not too bad. The charges are for disposing of refriegerant, testing for leaks as the sytem must be leak freee and new oil and refrigerant.
Make sure you are careful with the connections and pipes. Before driving it make sure you addd new oil and the proper amount of refrigerant before running as not putting in the proper amount of oil and the right type will harm the comppressor. I have attached the two common places to find A/C specs and if you look on them you will see amounts of refrigernat/oil and types.