2000 Honda Civic

My battery was going bad because it barely started when I turned the key. So I changed the battery. Now when I come to a stop when i'm in any gear (its' an automatic), my car sputters and feels like its gonna stall out. Today it also started to make this ting ting ting noise from inside the engine. Its only last for like 5-10 seconds. What could be going on? I heard that when you disconnect the battery the computer resets and has to reacclamate itself to the system, which I think is ridiculous.
September 21, 2012.

Have you had the alternator tested yet?

Sep 21, 2012.
No but it's been a week would the battery have died again?

Sep 21, 2012.
Why do you think it is ridiculous? Are you familiar with priciples of computer operations?

Vehicles are mostly computer dependent and intelligient meaning it trys to program itself to suit your driving conditions and when power is disconnected, it resets itself and has to relearn before it really works well again.

However between a new engine and one that has been running for 40 k miles, engine components gets dirty etc and this would result in changes in the relearning procedure.

I believe your throttle body and IAC, components of the idle control system is partially clogged due to dirt/dust accumulating in air passage ways. This would result in the computer needing a longer time to acclimatise. Cleaning up these passageways would make the engine start and run better.

Sep 21, 2012.