2000 Holden Commodore • 230,000 miles

I replaced the radiator a while ago. Today there was no water in the radiator so I filled it up and there is a leak, it doesnt feel wet around the water pump nor can I see water leaking from it, the water is dripping from somewhere and landing on the sump, what could it be?
April 22, 2012.

That is a tough one. What to do is get a dye that is designed to go in the radiator. Put it in, run the vehicle, and then you can check for a leak. The dye will glow from where the leak is coming from.

A pressure test should show up any leaks, check the small hose at the back of the inlet manifold, from factory they used plastic adaptors and when they get a old they crack and leak.

Apr 24, 2012.