2000 GMC Jimmy • 150 miles

Alright, I'm strongly assuming this is a brake issue because it started as soon as I changed both front pads on my Jimmy. Took the car for a test drive around the block and after a couple stops, the car did not want to take off right away when gas was applied and felt like it was sticking/sluggish.

Figured it was the caliper pistons sticking so went out and bought brand new calipers with new pins (everything greased). Another test drive and it's still doing it! Put the car in Drive and it has no reaction and feels extremely sluggish and held back. But is completely fine in reverse. ALSO, what I found strange was that it reacts a little better in gears 1, 2, and 3 (still sluggish though). But when in drive it's the worst.

I've tried to search and search for this issue on the internet and can only find people recommending new hoses (which I still need), and calipers. Car was driving COMPLETELY normal and was peppy and reacted fine in all gears.

Any ideas what this is? It's annoying.
October 18, 2012.

Can you jack up the car and see if the front wheels are free?

It almost sounds like the trans is in a higher gear instead of low gear.


Oct 18, 2012.
Wheel spin freely when jacked up. Check all 4. E brake is not stuck.

The car basically feels like its in neutral when in Drive and gear 3 and wont roll forward when it usually would without gas applied.

Gears 1 and 2 grab normally and take off, but still feel sluggish and still feels like a grabbing sensation

Oct 19, 2012.