2000 Ford Windstar • 197,000 miles

Where is P0755 shift solenoid located, and how can I replace it myself?
November 1, 2012.

You will have to remove the oil pan and get into the valve body. I do not reccomend this at all. The valve body is very complicated and one bad move can throw the whole transmission out of whack. You should have a transmisssion specialist replace it. It will be worth the money as trying to do it yourself can lead to big problems. Don't take it to a regular repair shop, make sure you use a transmission specialist. AAMCO charges to much but you can use the internet to find one near you. It takes a lot of expertise to work on automatic transmissions. So, let an experienced pro do the job and you will be changing the transmission fluid at the same time. So, you will be doing some maintainance on your vehicle as well as fixing the solenoid. It will be well worth the money as the repair will be done and the fluid will be good for 60,000 miles.