2000 Ford Windstar

My heat in my ford windstar isn't blowing in the car. The a/c blows and works great. I have replaced the whole heater thing that allows you to move it from the blue to the red and a heater coil but still cold air. Please help me
December 9, 2010.

Have you checked the blend air door? Are you getting cold air to blow in the vehicle?

I have changed the whole piece that switches from the blue to red the heater panel thing and the heater coil. The guy said that the heater module, actuator and blend door was working you can hear it switch over when you switch from cold to hot. Yes cold air blows into the car its kind of luke warm. I turned the a/c button on that's real cold so there is a difference in the feel of the air.

Dec 9, 2010.
Okay. With the engine running, hot, and the heater on high, do both heater core hoses get hot?

I wouldn't even know where that is lol. My husband said he thinks there has to be a hose that may be leaking. Im really not trying to pay the dealer a arm n leg to do something simple. I had it on high as I drove home yesterday I felt a little heat but Im not sure if that's just the heat off the motor or what. But I will check that hose thing out

Dec 10, 2010.
They mount to the heater core at the fire wall and are aprox 1" in diameter.