2000 Ford Taurus • 99,000 miles

Hi, I have a Ford Taurus 2000 DOHC AX4N transmission with 99000 miles. Transaxle light coming on MIL light is off. Car shifts fine until the light comes on and hard shifts after that. If restart the engine shifting is back to normal until next time the light comes on usually about 10 - 15 min drive on 4 gear. If drive up to 3rd gear no light comes on. Pulled the codes have a 0741 - torgue convertor performance or not engaging. Bought a Scan tool and recorded all trans PIDs. If anyone can help me pinpoint the problem - convertor itself or valve stuck. Will provide the PID log file. Also TCC solenoid reads the right resistance.
Thanks in advance.
August 10, 2013.

Can you read live data with your scanner? If so is the TTC activating it will have a section for this with TTC on or off, and if it goes on do the revs drop at all?

Aug 10, 2013.
Yes I can rad and record live data. When tcc comanded to engage no drop in the RPM definitely no engaging. Any way to find out if the problem is in the convertor itself or maybe the tcc valve. The solenoid resistance reads fine.

Aug 11, 2013.
I would be replacing the solenoid, 99.9% of the time this is the problem

Aug 12, 2013.