2000 Ford Mustang • V8 2WD Manual • 125,000 miles

I have a 2000 mustang gt 4.6L, I have an a/c issue. I have determined that I am getting power to the compressor (13.5v) but the clutch is not engaging. I then ran a jumper from the battery and connected it to the two posts and the clutch still did not engage. It does turn freely by hand. Im pretty sure the clutch is gone so my question is how would I know if I just need to replace the clutch or the whole compressor. I have not read anything that specifically checks the compressor and I would hate to replace the clutch and then turn around and replace the compressor. There is a bit of price difference in the two projects, with having to discharge the system, replacing the accumulator, then having to recharge the system, if I were to have to replace the compressor. Vs just replacing the clutch in place.
February 2, 2011.

That is exactly the risk in changing only the clutch so we really don't recommend it because if you ultimately have a compressor failure, you'll be buying the clutch all over again. You do have a bad clutch now by the way.

Feb 2, 2011.
Well thank you first of all. I guess that is all I needed to hear to make up my mind. If there is no way to just check the compressor then I'll just change it all. Thanks again!

Feb 5, 2011.