2000 Ford Focus


To get to the point, I own a Ford Focus (2000, 1.4 petrol model) and have one annoying problem with the central lock system. During cold(er) weather, the driver's side door unlocks (or locks) ONLY itself, not the rest of the doors (passenger side doors lock/unlock function works normally). At the same time, the trunk release key near the steering wheel also doesn't work (which is a bigger problem cos I have to turn my vehicle off & on every time I need open the trunk.).

The problem appears usually in the morning and later at night, during cold weather. After some time, while driving (when the car warms up), trunk & lock/unlock function start to work normally. During summer the problem is gone completely and everything works just fine.

So. I hope you understand my problem. Is there any way to solve this the easy way?. Or do I need to take my car to the service for further examination, etc, etc?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,
Ferdinand jr.
March 7, 2013.

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