2000 Ford F-150 • 200,000 miles

I have a 2000 f150 with a triton 5.4 v8 I changed the air box and the engine light came on well it was sending the a code for wheel speed sensors well the guy turned the light off after that the truck started acting like it didn't have power and didn't want to shift into third or even shift right at all. It runs and shifts good until you run it for a few minutes (until it gets warm). I was wondering what can cause that? Id like a second opinion!
August 5, 2013.

If the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is bad, the transmission will not know when to shift. As far as the air box, did you replace all the sensors in the intake tube?

Yes I got that fixed but its just the transmission now its acting like it doesnt wanna shift into third first and second gears are good just dont wanna shift to third it ran great before the engine light was shut off could it be the shift soleniod or tcc soleniod?

Aug 6, 2013.
Yes, it could be a shift solenoid. Has the check engine light come back on?