2000 Ford Expedition • V8 4WD Automatic • 130,000 miles

2000 ford expedition triton v8 motor, the heat would not switch to a/ c so we put in 2 different actuators and neither one of them fixed the problem, we have no broken wires no shorts and no blown fuses. Help! What else can it be?
July 15, 2011.

Maybe a stupid question, as I know nothing about you vehicle

I mess with really old Jeeps and Fords

I am presently looking for/ at wiring diagrams for your system

This may shed light on, other things in the circuit, that may affect it.

I have 2 choices at the On-line repair manual

Automatic A/C and Manual A/C.I'm assuming they mean "control wise"

What do you have?

I will post the diagrams, when I'm able to get the correct ones!

Waitin' on you!

The Medic

Jul 15, 2011.
OK Boss

0122 Eastern here. Way past bedtime!

Could wait no longer, + they "time me out" at the manual, if I stay there too long.

Look for something else in the system that would affect your actuator

They are good about giving the locations of the components

If you can't see these good enough, let me know, I have a plan!

The Medic

Here's all of 'em

The 1st 3 are "Automatic A/C"Last 2 are "Manual A/C"

Jul 15, 2011.
Have you tried pinching off the heater hoses to find out if you're even on the right track?

Jul 15, 2011.