2000 Ford Expedition • 170,000 miles

I have a 2000 EB Expedition. Two months ago my check suspension light came on. 2 days later my ABS light & motor unit modiule came on & stayed on even when I shut the truck off. This of course drained the battery. I replaced the battery & the ABS module, and after getting it out of the shop & driving it for one week the same thing happened! So here we are in August, and on my way home tonight, the Check Suspension light came on yet again. I want to fix this problem before it leads to another dead ABS module & battery.

It is definately the ABS Module that keeps running when I turn the truck off, it is not the air bag suspension - cause I have already dealt with that issue. And there is a sound & performance difference between the two problems.

ANY advice would be helpful. My mechanic is beside himself with the issues that this truck has had - as am I.
August 3, 2011.

Have you taken care of this issue?