2000 Ford Contour • 168,000 miles

What would cause the car to cut out, jerk, & make popping noise like a backfire from the engine & then die? Used to do this only when on 1/4 tank of gas, then started doing it at 1/2 tank, now it's doing it on a full tank. I used to be able to put more gas in it & it would start up a run just fine when it did it at 1/4 tank or less, but now it does it on a full tank. Tonight it started cutting out & then suddenly sounded like the engine was coming to pieces & went dead. Took me a few minutes to get it to start back up. When it did it made a very loud pop like a backfire from engine then just took off & ran fine. I have had this car put on many machines & many different codes come up. I have replaced a couple of things but it hasn't made a difference. It still has the same problem.
October 27, 2012.

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