2000 Dodge Stratus • 150 miles

2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine. The signal wire on the TPS reads.75 volts throttle closed and 3.5 volts throttle open. Haynes manual calls for approx..5 volts throttle closed and 4 volts throttle open. Could this amount of deviation cause problems? Engine hesitates somewhat on acceleration and deceleration, and an occasional miss at idle.
November 29, 2012.

Were there any applicable trouble codes? How long since overall tune-up. I don't see an issue with those specs.

Nov 29, 2012.
Those voltages are fine. I use 0.5 to 4.5 volts in my classes but those are just approximate and are just for discussion purposes. To set a fault code when the 5.0 volt feed wire or ground wire breaks, the signal voltage will go to 0.0 volts or 5.0 volts. Those are what trigger the codes. If you unplug the sensor, there is a "pullup" resistor in the computer that will force the signal voltage to go to 5.0 volts so it will set a code.

A dirty spot on the TPS can cause a hesitation or stumble, and it can cause a fault code to be set in memory, but it will not cause a misfire.

Nov 29, 2012.
CEL not on and around 15k since last tune-up. Thanks for your inputs.

Nov 29, 2012.