2000 Dodge Neon • 240,000 miles

I have a 2000 Dodge Neon 2.0 liter. Car. It ran great when we got it on Monday, then Tuesday my husband drove it to work and it acted as though it wanted to die on him so he gave it more gas to keep it running. Then it died on him and we haven't been able to get it started again. It will turn over, just wont catch. We have replaced the Coil Pack, the Knock Sensor, and these are things that we have been told by the Auto Parts Store. Nothing seems to work. Do you know what it could be? It is getting fire, and getting good compression.
June 14, 2013.

Remember parts salesman are not technicians just parts salesman.

You may have a bad fuel pump if you have compression and spark. Spray some carb cleaner into the air filter to see if it starts and stallls.


Jun 14, 2013.