2000 Dodge Durango • 115,750 miles

My durango 2000 slt 4.7 115750 miles overheated on tuesday, I replaced the hose w\fill cap then filled the block. When I overheated it was for about 2 miles I was able to keep it from over over heating but it was blowing out antifreeze out pretty good! I had to use 1 3\4 gal to fill the block to give you an idea. Now when I went to start the "vic" it was making an arching sound out of the starter I think, almost as a tapping. The lights were going dim and I had to jump the durango go start it. It ran fine for 2 miles to my destination, I parked shut off then tried to turn it on, it didn't start nor did it do anything other then a sound commming out of the chime box, I had taken the relay 10amp out cleaned and replaced it with another success it started I ran it for about 20 min tested it several times and again it turned on and off fine! Today 11\7\2012 roughly 14 hours after all I tried and again no avail this time jumped again fine worked. Till shut off then again the same as before.
November 8, 2012.

Have the battery, alternator and start checked for proper operation.

Also get the check done for possible head gasket from overheating.