2000 Dodge Caravan • 140,000 miles

2000 Caravan 3.0 engine runs great!…Until the temperature drops below 40 degrees, then it will not start…. Later in day when 15 degrees warmer will start right up & run.
Spark & battery good… No smell of leaking fuel…. It will start using ether spray without issue…. It appears fuel is not reaching the fuel injectors when cold. Does a 2000caravan 3.0 have a cold start injector? Will a bad cam sensor or crank sensor shut fuel off when cold?
Thank you.
December 7, 2012.

Even if the battery is good it they turnvery slowly below 40 Degrees. That is not uncommon. To alleviate this get a heated battery blanket and use synthetic oil as it stays thinner at colder temperatures and protects the engine better because it can flow at these low temperatures.
You can also find a variety of cold weather electricla heaters for the coolant and the oil.

Thanks. But it doesn't turn slowly. Starter spins crank rapidly. Problem is its not getting fuel. Is there a temperature sensor somewhere that activates a richer flow of fuel?

Dec 13, 2012.
No. Maybe ypou should check the fuel pressure at both temps.

Test light indicates no power to fuel pump when outside temperature dips below 40. Replaced both fuel pump relay and fuse. No luck, still wont start. Would any other (failing) sensors restrict power to fuel pump in cold weather. Same thing happened last winter too. After Spring warmup, months without any starting issues

Jan 3, 2013.
I cannot think of any sensors that would get stuck at that temperature as it is not freezing and even if it was the only thing I could think of is a bad battery. I did not expect you to not have any fuel pressure or power to the pump at the lower temperatere. This is a real ghost in the machine. I will try to ask around but I just can't think of what it might be.
Did you get the trouble codes pulled. That would help, maybe, if you have not. Any Advance Auto ro Auto Zone will do this for free.